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Do you struggle to find the time to cook healthy meals or exercise?

You asked for this, so here you go! Do you feel unmotivated or too tired to cook healthy meals or exercise?

If the answer is YES, then why not hire a Concierge Wellness Coach from Onk Nutrition & Wellness Solutions. We can help you reach your wellness goals.

Starting in October, Onk Nutrition is offering a 1:1 Concierge Wellness Coach package to help you reach your goals and provide top quality nutrition, exercise training, nutrition counseling and goal setting for you and your family.

Onk Nutrition is only opening up 4 slots for this all-inclusive wellness package that includes:

*Personal Kitchen Chef to develop, plan and make healthy meals for the week (you provide the ingredients)

*Two personal training sessions at your home totaling 100 minutes

*1:1 Nutrition Counseling session each week (60 minutes)

*One phone or skype goal setting or re-evaluation each week

*24/7 support to reach your goals

All of this at your convenience without leaving your home. If interested please contact Kristin Mainella at 303-517-5652

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