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Concierge Wellness Coaching

Do You Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you struggle to find the time to cook healthy meals for you and/or your family?

  • Do you feel unmotivated or too tired to make positive healthy changes in your life?


If you answered YES to either of these questions than the answer is easy: hire an Onk Nutrition & Wellness Solutions Concierge Wellness Coach today!!


What is a Concierge Wellness Coach?

  • It is a personalized coach that is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Personal Chef who promotes a healthier lifestyle and incorporates healthy behaviors to you and your family


Concierge Wellness Services Includes:​

  • Personalized menu plan and meal prep, we come to your house and cook healthy meals for the week (choose from over 100 recipes) (60-90 minutes). You supply the ingredients. Includes breakfast for the week, one slow cooker recipe and two other recipes for either lunch or dinner

  • Two personal training sessions at your home each week (100 minutes total, 2x 50 minute sessions)

  • One 1:1 Nutrition Counseling session each week to focus on areas you have questions, concerns or issues (60 minutes)

  • One phone or skype session each week to evaluate and re-focus your health goals (60 minutes)

  • 24/7 access support to reach your goals via phone, e-mail or text


All of this at your convenience without leaving your house and at a time that works for you. If interested please contact Kristin Mainella MEd, RD, CDE at 303-517-5652 for pricing.

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